Why Choose Curis?

Clinical healthcare staffing for Baltimore’s best facilities.

Find Qualified, Compassionate Professionals

Need CNAs or LPNs to add volume and on-the-ground know-how to your nursing staff? RNs to lead departments and ensure better patient outcomes? An experienced physical therapist to take your clinic in an exciting new direction? Whatever your healthcare staffing need, Curis Health Management is here to tackle it head-on. The large network of skilled healthcare providers we’ve cultivated means we have a wide pool to draw from when it comes to supplying your facility – we take the time to find the individuals who don’t just have the right lines on a resume but the personality traits and soft skills to really make a difference in the lives of the patients under your care.

ER nurse checking on patient in hospital bed.
Males nurse in foreground with doctors in background smiling.

The Benefits Of Working With Us

There are many great reasons to work with our healthcare professional and nursing recruiting company.

Creating a job description, distributing it, struggling to find applicants, sifting through resumes… it’s a lot of work, all in hopes of finding a highly specialized medical professional who might not be looking for a new opportunity in the first place. That’s where Curis Health Management comes in. We tap into our large pool of active and passive candidates to find the specialized talent you need. And they’ll be fully vetted by the time they reach you, meaning they’re ready to go on day one.

Want to free up your core staff to focus on operational objectives and big-picture goals? Augmenting your staff with contract healthcare employees is a great solution. Let your existing staff do what they do best and let our healthcare providers keep your facility humming – and your patients well-cared for and satisfied at the same time.

Is your staff missing a key skill set that could prove game-changing for your patients? Do you have a key team member going on family leave or vacation soon? Relying on our nursing staffing services to close those skills gaps means you don’t have to worry about things getting missed or patient care slipping. Find the qualified, vetted healthcare experts you need to maintain the world-class level of care you’re known for.
From flu season and the back-to-school rush to spikes in COVID-19 cases and a variety of other possibilities, you need to be able to adapt to peaks and valleys in demand at your healthcare facility. Let Curis Health Management provide nursing and healthcare staff when you need them – and scale back when the demand trails off. Save money while maintaining patient care levels at every turn.

The Providers We Place

Curis Health Management works with a variety of nursing and healthcare experts, providing both short- and long-term contracting opportunities for maximum flexibility and job satisfaction. Our providers include:

Licensed Practical Nurses


Registered Nurses


Certified Nursing Assistants


Physical Therapists

Home Healthcare Aides


Emergency Medical Technicians


Don’t see your profession on the list? That’s OK. Here at Curis, we want to help you advance in your healthcare career in whatever way we can. Feel free to reach out to us – we look forward to connecting and finding out how we can help.

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